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sku #26141NVMT Spartan 3x42 Rifle Kit
NVMT Spartan 3x42 Rifle Kit
More details:
  • Specifications
  • Generation 1
    Tube Type EP33-U
    Magnification, x 3/ 1.5
    Lens diameter, mm 42
    Field of View, degree 20/ 20
    Eye Relief, mm 12/ 45
    Exit Pupil, mm 5/ 6
    Resolution, lines per mm 36
    Minimum focusing distance, m 0.5/ 7
    Range of detection, m (object 1,7m high, "quarter moon") 150/ 100
    Built-in IR-illuminator, type yes
    IR Wavelenght, nm 805
    Power supply, V 3
    Weight (without/with battery), kg 0.5/0.7
    Battery Type CR123A
    Operating Temperature, °C -30...+40
    Tripod Mount, inch ¼
Pаckage contents

  1. NVMT Spartan Unit
  2. Carrying Case
  3. Cleaning Cloth
  4. Riflescope eyepiece
  5. Red Dot Laser Pointer
  6. Riflescope Mounting Bracket
  7. User Manual
  8. Warranty Card

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