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Digital Riflescope (discontinued)
sku #26391Photon RT 4.5х42S
Photon RT 4.5х42S

Yukon Stream Vision App

High nighttime sensitivity
High magnification 4.5 / 9.0
Integrated video recorder
IPX5 Degree of protection
Quick-change power supply
Daytime operation possibility
Software Evolution Support
Recording and live YouTube streaming
Integration with iOS and Android devices
User selectable reticles: 6 shapes, 4 colours
Remote review and operation using smartphone
Mounting on weapon with standard 30 mm rings
Shock resistant for heavy calibers: 12 gauge, 9.3x64, .375H&H

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Details
  • Stream Vision
  • Sensor Type CMOS
    Camera resolution, pixels 768x576
    Display type LCD
    Display Resolution, pix. 640x480
    Magnification, x 4.5 / 9.0
    Objective Lens 50
    Eye Relief, mm 70
    Exit Pupil, mm 5
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. ± 4
    Range of recognition, m 200
    IR Wavelenght, nm LED / 850 (visible)
    Weight (without/with battery), kg 0.87/0.75
    Average operation time with one set of batteries, hour 3.5
    External Power Supply 5 V
    Operating Temperature, °C -15 ... +50
    Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX5
    Waterproofness yes
    Dimensions, mm 421x100x92
    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. High shock resistance
      High shock resistance

      The Photon RT features exceptionally high shock resistance, capable of handling high-powered firearm recoil, up to .375-cal., including smoothbore and airsoft.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Integrated Videorecorder
      Integrated videorecorder

      Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Photon RT’s built-in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet with the iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision App.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. High magnification
      High magnification

      Photon RT 4.5x42 Digital Night Vision Riflescope includes base optical magnification of 4.5x, while digital zoom also provides 2x magnification. Even at maximum optical magnification and digital zoom, the sensor and display deliver rich, high quality imaging.

    • Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Selectable reticles
      Selectable reticles

      A full complement of 6 digitally displayed reticle solutions, in 3 colors, ensures quick target acquisition and a richly contrasting sight picture.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Long-distance observation
      Long-distance observation

      High night sensitivity, robust magnification and a powerful built-in IR illuminator combine to make the Photon RT Riflescope the perfect tool for target detection at the distances of 150 - 300 meters.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Day & night use
      Daytime compatibility

      Digital night vision devices can be operated in daylight without fear of immediate or long-term damage. They are also not damaged by artificial illumination, i.e. car headlights, street lights, etc. To reduce light transfer into the unit’s objective lens during daytime operation, the lens cover includes a light filter. The result is decreased brightness, increased contrast and more comfortable viewing.

    • Digital Riflescopes Photon RT. Stream Vision.
      Live streaming

      Using the free, high-tech, iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Photon RT connects via Wi-Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time, stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms (depending on model), and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control!

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Eyesafe eye relief
      Eyesafe eye relief

      The Photon RT riflescopes feature a 70 mm eye relief – one of the best parameters in its class. The greater is the eye relief the less traumatic is the use of the scope, especially on hunting weapons with considerable recoil.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Easy mounting on a rifle
      Easy mounting on a rifle

      The middle part of the Photon RT body is a 30 mm tube, standard for daylight optical sights, which enables the Photon to be mounted on various types of hunting weapons using proven solutions.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Built-in long-range infrared illuminator
      Built-in long-range infrared illuminator

      The Photon RT 4.5x42S and 6x50S models extend nighttime shooting distance with a high-intensity 850 nm IR illuminator, complete with 3 power modes and robust adjustability for precise spot-to-flood throw positioning.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Effective use with “invisible” IR illuminators
      Effective use with “invisible” IR illuminators

      As opposed to tube-based devices, digital NV equipment feature advanced efficiency when used with IR Illuminators working in long wave range (more than 900 nm) and invisible by the naked eye.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Quick battery replacement
      Quick battery replacement

      The Photon RT is powered by four AA batteries housed in a convenient case and inserted into an easy-to-access battery compartment. An additional case is included for ultra-fast battery replacement.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. External power supply
      External power supply

      Operation time can be significantly prolonged by using high-capacity external power supply units (power banks), which can be attached to the Photon RT via a weather- resistant micro-USB port. When using the Photon RT at low temperatures, the power supply can be kept in a warm place, i.e. under clothing, to prevent rapid discharge.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. Display Off
      Display Off

      During short periods of inactivity and better concealment, Display Off powers down the display without interrupting other operating functions. Using Display Off means a much faster restart time when you need it most.

    • Photon RT Digital Riflescope. High performance
      High performance

      Photon RT Digital Night Vision Riflescopes offer best-in-class weight in an optical platform rich in logical, user-friendly features.

  • Today, with literally billions of people in every corner of the globe engaged in constant virtual contact with each other, developing cross-platform devices is more important than ever. Like a smartphone, once simply a means of verbal and text communications but now a multi-purpose, multi-tasking instrument for business and social relations, Pulsar's innovative line of night vision and thermal optics deliver valuable work and entertainment information. 

    Stream Vision Technology

    Photon RT Digital NV riflescopes were designed with cutting-edge 21st century innovation to handle more than simple viewing tasks. While Yukon continues to develop feature-rich devices focused on high-resolution image quality, ergonomics and world-class reliability, we understand that now, more than ever, ease of interface and multi-vector use are equally important.
    Stream Vision solves this task by providing a symbiosis of software and hardware platforms designed to connect personal Android and iOS devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc. to Yukon digital night vision devices via Wi-Fi.

    Stream Vision Quick Guide (iOs) | Stream Vision App Privacy Policy | Stream Vision End User License Agreement

    Stream Vision Technology

    By installing the Stream Vision App (available in AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android), digital night vision operators using Ranger RT, Signal RT or Photon RT models benefit from: 

    - Comfortable, fatigue-free, streaming field-of-view displayed on wireless devices in real time

    - Using your smart phone or tablet as an additional remote control

    - Full content management – view, delete and download photo and video files stored in the device's onboard memory

    - Transmit images and videos directly to storage or video platforms like YouTube

    Stream Vision's proprietary software was developed by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide specifically for Stream Vision-compatible Yukon optoelectronic devices to ensure additional program functionality is easily accessible. Stream Vision's 2017 achievements already include the ability to share video content to more publishing platforms than just YouTube, enter ballistic calculator information into the device and record with motion-detector video activation.

Pаckage contents

1. Riflescope Photon RT
2. Carrying case
3. User Manual
4. USB cable
5. Spare battery container
6. Battery container pouch
7. Lens cloth
8. Warranty card

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