Yukon for day and night


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is one of the leading producers of night vision equipment but it also offers high-quality day scopes.

Mention the name Yukon and your mind will probably conjure up images of night vision optics. However, the firm also manufactures a selection of day riflescopes, including the latest Jaeger models, designed, as you might expect from the name, for hunters. There are four models in the range: 1-4x24; 1.5-6x42, 3-9x40 and 3-12xS6. All these are available with four types of reticles: X01i - standard cross shaped; T01i reticle - standard T-shaped, M01 - Mil dot and X02i- T-shaped with range marks. The reticle is placed in a rear focal plane and does not alter with the change of magnification.

The current selection covers the majority of the applications for normal hurting situation s. The most ideal all-round model in the product line is the 1.5-6x4 Z For driven hunt professionals, the 1-4x24 is the best option. Meanwhile, the scope of choice for long range and low light conditions is the 3-12x56, thanks to it having the biggest objective lens. Jaeger riflescopes have a wide field of view on all magnifications without any tunnel effect. For its scopes, Yukon uses only high-quality optics. Each of the lenses has several layers of patented coatings for improved performance in low light conditions. The company uses its experience in night vision optics.

The design of all Jaeger models is standard for day riflescopes. The housing is made of aluminum alloy and covered with protective paint by means of anodising and a 30mm tube diameter. The objective part of the housing is reinforced for the use with night vision front attachments that are becoming more and more popular on the market at present the magnification ring on the eyepiece isalso enlarged for a better grip.

Turrets can be set to a zero mark after performing zeroing of the riflescope. The click value is 1/4 MOA. The sight has seven levels of reticle illumination. Between every level there is an 'Off' position which helps to deactivate illumination quickly - no need to spin the wheel through all the levels until it switches off. The Jaeger series riflescopes are also completely waterproof, while the housing is filled with dry nitrogen to avoid weeping. As a result, these scopes can be used in heavy rain conditions.

According to the manufacturer, the sights can handle large-calibre ammunition with muzzle energies up to 7,000 joules. In other words, .375 HSH is not the top limit. The construction is rigid and stable and allows them to be used on shotguns, crossbows and spring airguns. Although the scopes have only been on the market for a year, they have already become popular in countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Germany Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Sweden and some others.

Yukon gives a 10-year warranty for all of its day optics devices. 

Author: John Hunter, Gun Trade World, www.guntradeworld.com

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